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‘Alice’s Quest for Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole with Lewis Carroll’

‘Alice’s Quest for Wonderland’ explores the fact behind the fiction of the enigmatic Daresbury author and one of the most popular characters in English Literature. Suitable for age 12+

‘Alice in Wonderland’ – Kingsley Players Youth Theatre

Directed by Jake Powell, the multi-award-winning Kingsley Players Youth Theatre bring you an enchanting adaptation of the traditional children’s classic by William Glennon.

Lewis Carroll Festival



‘Alice’s Quest for Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole with Lewis Carroll’

Written and directed by Lynn Pegler

Discover the true story of the famous Daresbury children’s author and his relationship with the real Alice. In this new play, journey down the rabbit hole to find out more about Lewis Carroll’s fascinating double life.

Performed by James Partington, Matt Jones and Lynn Pegler.       


Kingsley Players Youth Theatre

Alice in Wonderland.

By William Glennon. Based on the classic by Lewis Carroll.

This new version is so close to the original in intention and feeling that you might suspect that Carroll himself had written it. And yet, it includes many unusual and imaginative surprises. A group of performers seeks out Alice in order to provide “her turn” in Wonderland. And, as her adventure unfolds, they play the many characters she encounters and grows to love.

A joy to see and hear.

Directed by Jake Powell.