6Jan 24

5 Minutes with KPYT Actor, Kate Burge – A Monster Calls

What made you want to be part of it?

When KPYT announced that their next production would be A Monster Calls, I had never heard of the story before, reading the blurb for the play script intrigued me to watch the film. I thought the story was so tragically beautiful that I really wanted to get involved. The characters all are so different and interesting that it’s been great fun trying to discover and decipher our very own understanding of the intentions behind each character’s actions.

Have you ever seen the film and how is this production different?

I watched the film when KPYT announced that they were planning to stage ‘A Monster Calls’. I Absoloutely loved the film and that’s what drew me into wanting to be a part of the production. I think our production differs from the film because by staging the play we’re exploring different ways to emphasise the monster’s greatness using different heights and lifts, lighting and sound. KPYT allows every member to input their voice and choices of direction into making our shows original and completely our own and when the final production comes together you can tell that everyone has worked so hard to make it the best it can possibly be.

How are rehearsals going?

I’m really enjoying the rehearsal process for this show. Being able to act, direct, design and even photograph for the show is so great because I’m able to gain experience in valuable skills that I will most definitely use in the future. The variety of being able to experience all areas of what makes a show really builds an understanding of just how much it takes to pull off something so great and everyone’s working so hard to achieve that goal and make this production amazing.

Do you have a favourite line/part of the show?

As we’re still somewhat early on in the rehearsal process I don’t believe I have a favourite part of the show as I enjoy it all equally. However I do think that the monster’s entrance is especially great because we’ve built lots of technical elements thanks to Mike and Neil on lighting and sound also with the use of props to make it meaningful and impactful.

What would you say to people who might not buy a ticket for the show?

I would Absoloutely recommend that you buy one because this is going to be one of our best yet!


Tickets for A Monster Calls will be available end of January.
Tickets will be able to bought online from here.

Photographer Credit: Kate Burge


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