Kingsley Players - The Pompeii Panto Chorus

The Pompeii Panto Chorus

  1. The Society shall be called the KINGSLEY PLAYERS.
  2. Our Mission Statement: ‘The aims of the Society will be to increase and extend individual and group involvement with theatre and drama’.
  3. All members are equal in the Society
  4. An annual general meeting of all members will be held in April of each year. Members will elect the Officers of the Society, Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and also a minimum of three members to a Management Committee.
  5. Signatories of cheques to be drawn on the Society’s account(s) shall be any two of the Officers of the Society, unless any of the Officers bear a close family relationship, e.g. husband and wife. In this case the Committee shall make arrangements for appropriate replacement(s) as signatory(ies) from amongst the Committee at the first Committee meeting of the term of office.
  6. The Management Committee thus formed, will be responsible for the organisation and running of the Society and may co-opt up to three other members of the Society and form sub-committees to assist if required.
  7. The Director and manager of the Society, or anyone acting in these capacities for a single production, shall be members of the Committee from appointment until the first Committee meeting following the production for which they were responsible and will be required to attend committee meetings.
  8.  The Officers of the Society shall serve for a period not exceeding three years. Officers may be re-elected by a clear two thirds majority vote of those present and voting at the AGM.
  9.  The Constitutions of the Society may be altered or amended at the AGM or at any special general meeting called for that purpose providing that the proposed amendments have been circulated to the members two weeks prior to the date of the meeting, and that those alterations are approved by a clear majority of those eligible to vote at the meeting.
  10. No person may commit the Society to any expenditure without the authority of the Committee or the Officers.
  11. The accounts of the Society are to be audited annually and presented to the AGM and subsequent KCA AGM.


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