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Medical Policy:

Kingsley Players welcomes all adults and children to our group. However, it is not our policy to accept responsibility for monitoring a particular child’s state of health, or administering medicine to children in our care. If children come to rehearsals, or attend performances, who may possibly need medical intervention, it is the responsibility of the child’s parent (or nominated carer eg. another parent) to remain with the child to provide that cover. We will of course respond to any unexpected emergencies and at the beginning of each production, the parents/guardians of all children under 16 are asked to complete and return a personal information sheet to Kingsley Players. This should include emergency contacts and details of any pre-existing medical condition which we should know about eg. asthma, epilepsy, anaphylaxis. 


  • Please attend relevant rehearsals.
  • Please be on time and ready to start. 


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