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18Aug 16

A Mouses Tale – Auditions

Kingsley Players present “A Mouse’s Tale” a musical play by William Arnold Ashbrook. Directed by Lynn Pegler, at Kingsley Community Centre. Wed 25 – Sat 28 January, 2017.
A Mouse’s Tale – Synopsis
A musical fantasy telling the story of a country mouse called Timothy. He is no ordinary country mouse, indeed he has an amazing I.Q. and spends all his days reading and learning. This makes him very unpopular with the other mice – apart from his true love Claribella.  Forced to leave his country community, he heads for the city and finds he has more in common with the smart city mice. He invents an ingenious Early Warning Device to save his new friends from the evil cat Claudius. Money-grabbing entrepreneurs Charles and Amandapie spot the potential of this brilliant invention, set up the Catastrophic Corporation and go into mass production. Their ruthless exploitation of the town mice workers is eventually exposed, thanks to undercover reporter Angus the Rat, but where does Timothy’s heart lie?
Cast (includes 15 speaking parts)
The Country Mice
Timothy              A young, intelligent, absent-minded country mouse
Claribella            A young country mouse who is sweet on Timothy
Julie                    Claribella’s friend. A bit of a gossip but her heart is in the right place.
Cook                   Busybody – always in a panic
Scout                  Always takes the lead
Guard                 Guards the mice
Digger                 Simple, hard-working mouse.
Judge                  A serious elder country mouse
(Approx. 8 other non-speaking parts for adults/children)
The Town Mice
Charles                Smart, devious mouse-about-town
Amandapie           Married to Charles. Likes to nag him.
Dorris                    Helpful mouse
Borris                    An elderly town mouse. Ex-Army type.
Maurice                An elderly town mice
Claudius the Cat   Agile and tall
Angus the Rat       Reporter from the Daily Cheddar newspaper
(Approx. 10 other non-speaking parts for adults or children)


Special advance sing/read through of A Mouse’s Tale.

Sunday 18 September, 6pm. Kingsley Community Centre.

This session is designed for anyone who may be interested in a speaking part or solo role in the production.
Please come along and try out the songs and check out the dialogue for all the main parts. Just turn up on the night.


There will be two auditions. Both held at Kingsley Community Centre.

Wednesday 26 October, 7pm.

This is for adults and children interested in speaking parts or solo roles.

 Sunday 30 October, 2.30pm.

This is for children who want to be in the chorus.

 For more information email the director Lynn Pegler on


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