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2Oct 14

Anyone looking for a different performing opportunity?

There is an exciting new event taking place in Cheshire later this month. The event is the Zombie Survival run for your life adventure race which is taking place at Marbury Country Park, near Northwich in Cheshire on Saturday 18th October. The Zombie themed event is an adventure challenge that will see teams of Survivors completing an arduous 5km escape route through the Northwich Woodlands while being ambushed by teams of Zombies along the way. To add to the drama the event will start just after dark and we will be using an array of lighting and sound effects around the course to create an unforgettably dramatic atmosphere for all participants. From the moment they arrive at Marbury Park they want to give the Survivors a highly memorable theatrical experience.

Would any members of Kingsley Players like to become involved in helping to create this experience?

The roles they can offer are: Military guards, Medical Inspection Teams and Zombies.

These roles would give actors a great chance to give a freestyle mix and mingle type performance within the crowds as people arrive and at the finish, as well as more choreographed scenarios within the Horror/Zombie genre. All the acting will take place around the start/finish area at Marbury Park. 

People will be arriving at the event from around 4pm on the Saturday afternoon with the Survival run scheduled to start at around 6.30pm and finish by 8pm latest. Following the run we will be hosting a fantastic licensed Zombie Survival After Party in our large marquee within the Park to which of course all actors would be invited.

If this is something you may like to become involved in or if you would like to talk through the details, please get back to the organisers directly, their email & telephone are below.

Peter Mathieson, Freebird Events Ltd


Tel: 01904 339 435 (Office)   Tel: 07954 217 996 (Mbl)



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