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12Apr 19

Auditions for How the Other Half Loves

How The Other Half Loves by Alan Ayckbourn: Auditions – Kingsley Community Centre – 7.30pm Wednesday 24th April

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Character Descriptions

There are only six characters in the play and all parts are of a good size. The Fosters and the Phillips have the larger parts but the Featherstones are also major characters. The actual ages of the characters are not particularly important but the Fosters should appear older than the Phillips who should appear older than the Featherstones as represents their positions in the company where the men work. Words in italics are the playwright’s descriptions in the script.

Frank Foster       He owns the company for which the three men work and is at times vague to the world around him but a benevolent employer who takes care over the welfare of his staff

Fiona Foster       Franks wife. An elegant woman in her 40’s who does not work and fills her time with charity work, as a lady who lunches and as is revealed early in the play, having an affair with Bob

Bob Phillips        One of the boys who likes his drink, is totally selfish in his outlook to life and enjoys his affair with Fiona which may well be one of many. His relationship with Teresa is stormy.

Teresa Phillips  Bob’s wife, an untidy, rather intense, tired looking woman in her early 30’s with lots of priorities, one of which is not housework. Her relationship with Bob is stormy

William Featherstone   The junior of the three in the company being groomed by Frank for promotion and wants to make a good impression on everyone else to promote himself in the company. As such he is over tolerant and lets a lot of mistreatment pass until he thinks that Bob is having an affair with Mary when ‘the worm turns’.

Mary Featherstone         Very nervous wife who is conscious of her husband’s aspirations and is doing what she can to support him in very challenging circumstances             


This is the most performed Ayckbourn play and best displays his wicked sense of humour and his skill in the use of both time and space, challenging the audience perceptions throughout. it is a complex story both in the manipulation of space and time.  Storylines can be seen at


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