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24Sep 18

Auditions for the musical ‘Dr Doolittle’ – Sunday 21st October

We are delighted to report we have secured the performing rights for the wonderful musical ‘Dr Doolittle’ – which we will be staging at Kingsley Community Centre for five performances 23-26 January, 2019.

Best-known songs include ‘Talk to the Animals’ and ‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It!’.  (You may remember Rex Harrison in the title role.)

Auditions will be held on Sunday 21st October at Kingsley Community Centre.

5pm – Children from Year 9 and under.

6pm onwards – Adults and young people (Year 10 onwards).

No preparation necessary – just turn up on the day.

This production may give the wardrobe department some challenges but we will have lots of fun delivering a great show!

After two shows which won Cheshire Theatre Guild ‘Best Musical’ – we are going for the hat trick!

If you would like to be in the show but are unable to make the auditions, please get in touch with the director, Lynn Pegler.


Mob 07783 686246



Main roles

Dr John Doolittle (title role/songs)

Polynesia (adult female role/songs)

Matthew Mugg, (Irishman/young/middle aged/songs)

Tommy Stubbins (young lad aged 10-13ish)

General Bellowes (magistrate/land owner/speaking part only)

Emma Fairfax (niece of General Bellowes/songs)

Albert Blossom (circus owner/song)

Gertie Blossom (circus owner/song)

Straight Arrow (Oxford-educated ruler of small tropical island/one song but could be said)


Smaller roles

Lord or Lady Dymme-Witt


Court Clerk


Policeman 1 and 2


Animals ( to be played by children/young people)

Pushmi –Pullu ( two dancers of equal size)

Rufus the dog

Dab Dab Duck

Chee Chee Chimpanzee

Jip Old English Sheep Dog

Gug Gub Piglet

Mildred the Cow

Toggle the Plough Horse (larger young people)

Sheila the fox

Sophie the Seal

Nigel the Seal

Plus dogs, monkeys, cockerels, ducks, goats, sheep etc.


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