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14May 18

Auditions – Pride and Prejudice

We are holding auditions for Pride and Prejudice on Sunday 20th May at 5.30pm at Kingsley Community Centre. If you’d like to audition for a part, or
help out with the production, please come along and talk to Kelly White.

For more information, including audition pieces, please give Kelly a call on 07807 002654 or email

The characters:

Mr Bennet A man of culture and taste. His manner of speech ranges from dry humour to elaborate sarcasm. Devoted to his family (from 40s to 60s).
Mrs Bennet Frivolous, irresponsible with a determination to get all her daughters married off. If things are going badly she takes refuge in ailments and problems with her “nerves”. Always fashionably dressed. (40s to 60s).
Jane Eldest daughter. Full of good will and optimism but able to stand up for herself. (20s to early 30s)
Elizabeth Beautiful and intelligent. Spirited. (20s to early 30s)
Mary The “plain” daughter and a bookworm. (about 18 to early 20s)
Catherine Slight and rather delicate in her appearance. (17)
Lydia Frivolous and irresponsible. Pretty and full of life. (16 to early 20s)
Lady Lucas Pleasant and matter of fact. Close friend of Mrs Bennet (40s to 60s)
Mr Collins Tall, young clergyman. Pompous and pedantic. (30 to 50)
Mr Bingley Charming and captivating. The “catch of the county” (late teens to 20s)
Miss Bingley Fashionable dressed. Proud and conceited. (20s)
Mr Darcy Tall, handsome and aristocratic. (slightly older than Mr Bingley)
Lady Catherine Dowager type, expensively dressed. Formidable and superior (40+)
Charlotte Elizabeth’s special friend. Quiet and restrained. (20s to 30s)
Mr Wickam Handsome young officer. Charming, untrustworthy and insincere. (late teens to 20s)
Hill Unobtrusive and efficient (any age/gender)

Audition Pieces

Jane, Lydia, Mary, Catherine, Mr & Mrs Bennet     13-14

Mr & Mrs Bennet     17-18

Lady Lucas & Charlotte     19-21

Mr and Miss Bingley (Mr D)       26-27

Wickham & Elizabeth    34-T36

Jane & Elizabeth     36-37

Elizabeth & Darcy         54-55 & B72-T75

Collins & Elizabeth       B56,57,58

Lady Catherine     Separate sheet


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