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5Mar 14

Directors needed

Our pool of directors is shrinking and our programme of proposed events is growing so we are in need of new directors. If you are at all interested and would like to know more, then please contact Malcolm Barker and arrange a chat. If you have not directed before, do not be afraid to come forward. we will provide as much help and assistance as necessary. We can also offer a halfway house opportunity of sitting alongside one of our experienced directors as an assistant director and a number of our directors started on that path. As to choice of play, whereas we often take suggestions from the director, we also have a number of ‘play readers’ that will gladly help in the search of a play.

The actual and outline proposals running into 2016 are as follows:

DATE                                      PRODUCTION                                   DIRECTOR                                                                 2014 

March                                And Ever More Shall Be So                   Colin Smith

May                                   On The Razzle                                      Malcolm Barker

September                          Oh What a Lovely War (reprise)            Lyn Pegler

October                              ‘Allo ‘Allo                                              Neil Silcock

December                           Snow White                                         Colin Smith


Jan/Feb                               ‘Allo ‘Allo Tour                                      Neil Silcock

February                                                                                   Director and play selection needed

May                                                                                         Director and play selection needed

August                                                                                     Director and play selection needed

October                        ‘Allo ‘Allo Tour                                      Neil Silcock

November                     Oliver                                                   Lynn Pegler


January                        ‘Allo ‘Allo                                              Neil Silcock

February/March            Twelfth Night                                       Colin Smith



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