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26Jan 15

May play reading and auditions


TIME OF MY LIFE by Alan Ayckbourn

director                      Malcolm Barker

producer                    David Crossley

Performance Dates  MAY 20th to MAY 23rd

We are about to move forward with our May play, a sparkling and as usual unusual comedy from the master wordsmith that is Ayckbourn. 


Whether or not you are interested in a part, if you would like to hear what this play is all about then please come along to the reading.


If you are interested in a part, please see the play and character summaries below. Audition packs which will include the pieces being used for each part will be available shortly. Please email me if you would like one. Also, if you are interested in a part, but cannot make 8th September, please let Malcolm know and he will set up an alternative for you.  If you are happy to help with backstage or front of house then please email Malcolm.

Play Summary

Gerry Stratton has organized a family dinner with his sons Glyn and Adam at his favourite restaurant to celebrate his wife Laura’s birthday. Glyn is with his long suffering wife Stephanie; their marriage looks to be on firmer ground that it once was. Adam has brought along his new girlfriend, an outrageous hairdresser, and they are both eager to impress. Gradually, family skeletons intrude on the happy domestic scene: Glyn’s unfaithfulness knows no bounds, the family transport business has been hit by the recession, and Laura has been unfaithful. Glyn’s story is set more recently and Adam’s further back in time, while at the centre Gerry and Laura pick apart their marriage and recall first love.


Gerry Stratton, head of a builders’ firm. Age – to look old enough to be the father of the sons. A successful self made local businessman of some importance

Laura Stratton, Gerry’s wife. Age – to look old enough to be the mother of the sons – long suffering wife

Glyn Stratton, their elder son – probably aged in his 30’s and a ‘bit of a lad’ and a womaniser with a string of past affairs who later falls from grace

Adam Stratton, their younger son – probably in his 20’s. a bit immature but anxious to impress his new girlfriend and his family

Stephanie, Glyn’s wife – similar age to Glyn who starts as his long suffering ‘mumsy’ wife but who finishes as a successful independent business woman

Maureen, Adam’s girlfriend – aged anything from late teen to 20’s – a bit tarty, no style and fails in her attempts to impress the Strattons

Calvinu, Tuto, Aggi, Bengie, Dinka- waiters in the restaurant: A brilliant part of many characters all played by the same actor


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