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11Jan 19

Peterloo Audition

Kingsley Players Open Audition: ‘Peterloo’  Thu 11th  – Sat 13th  April, 2019

Be part of an exciting premiere of a new one act play, written and directed by Lynn Pegler

(Served with a tasty Lancashire Hotpot supper)

2019 marks the bicentenary of one of England’s great political events. A peaceful rally at St Petersfield, Manchester, on 16 August 1819 turned into a massacre after troops were ordered to attack a crowd of c. 60,000 men, women and children.

Some 17 people died and over 600 were injured.  This new play follows the fortunes of real and imaginary people caught up in this tumultuous event on our doorstep 200 years ago.

Open Auditions Monday 28 January, 2019, Kingsley Community Centre, 7pm. 

Lots of small and larger parts for adults and young people, all ages

For more information, contact the director/writer Lynn Pegler.

Email Mobile 07783 686246


Cast:  15 characters, plus testimonies.

Four men and four women able to play all roles if necessary.

Chairman of the Manchester Relief Committee – male, any age

Henry Hunt: Middle aged, intelligent. A fine orator and radical leader

Dr Healey: Supporter of Mr Hunt (any age)

Wright Smith: Supporter of Mr Hunt (30s/40s)

Daniel Pritchard: Supporter of Mr Hunt. (20s)Young unemployed weaver.   

Mr Farren: Unemployed weaver

Mr Tebbutt: middle class rent collector for Gilmore family

Mary Fildes: Intelligent, well-spoken, leader of the Manchester Female Reform Society

Susannah Saxton: Secretary of the Manchester Female Reform Society (any age)

Catherine Gilmore: Intelligent,  strong daughter of landed gentry.

Betty: Maid to the Gilmore household. Smart, working class girl. Aged about 20. Daniel’s fiancée.

Edward Gilmore: Catherine’s father. Magistrate and head of the Gilmore household. Owner of a farming estate and mill.

Charles Gilmore: Edward’s young adult son. Arrogant, member of the part-time Manchester Yeomanry.

James Hamer: Cavalry friend of Charles.

Mrs Pritchard: Daniel’s mother.  Poor, down-trodden middle aged woman

Testimonies from: Magistrate (Edward Gilmore), Mary Fildes, Charles Gilmore, Edmund Dawson, Henry Hunt, Daniel, Ann Fildes, Catherine, Lizzie Farren, Special Constable, Infirmary Doctor.


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