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28Mar 18

Summary of NODA adjudication on Arabian Nights

Our NODA representative, Joe Clarke, attended our production of ‘Arabian Nights’ on Saturday evening and has sent his report. He was full of praise for the concept, direction, set, technical aspects, and the cast.

Highlights of the report include:

‘Arabian Nights was directed by Jake Powell who had some creative and original ideas. I like watching theatre which pushes the boundaries and is different to the norm and this play did just that.’

‘It was clear that a lot of thought had gone into direction and it was very much noticed and appreciated.’

‘I liked the use of the wardrobe. It was a good concept and used well throughout this play. It was clear what the wardrobe was for and it worked well. The toy boxes were also a good concept and they were used very effectively throughout. They contained all the relevant props and the young actors were very clear which box to open and which prop to get out – this was obviously very well-rehearsed.’

‘All of the cast had lots of energy onstage and the pace of the play was there. There were a few great performances and the storytelling, from a few, was very good.’

‘This youth cast deserve a huge round of applause, not only for remembering such a vast script, but for their enthusiasm and energy. It was clear that they were very pleased with their performance and the audience were very pleased in watching them.’


All cast and crew should be very pleased with this report and proud of their achievements. 


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