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20Aug 15

Oliver auditions – October 2015

‘Oliver’ Auditions October 2015

Adults and children are invited to audition for Kingsley Players’ production of the famous musical ‘Oliverwhich is due to be staged at Kingsley Community Centre, 27th – 30th January 2016.

Sunday 4 October : Audition for children (under 16).

Time: 10.30am. Place:  Kingsley Community Centre.

 Tuesday 6 October : Audition for adults and sixth form students

Time : 7pm. Place: Frodsham Community Centre.

Director Lynn Pegler. Email

Tel 01928 789042

Cast List

Mr Bumble (singer)    Audition song ‘Oliver’

Widow Corney (singer)     Audition song ‘Oliver’

Oliver (must look about 13 years)  (singer)     Audition song ‘Where is Love’

Mr Sowerby, undertaker (singer) 

Mrs Sowerby (singer)

Artful Dodger (singer)    Audition song ‘I’d do anything’

Charlie Bates, Fagin’s gang

Fagin (singer)    Audition song ‘Reviewing the situation’

Nancy (singer)    Audition song ‘As long as he needs me’

Bet (singer)        Audition song ‘I’d do anything’

Bill Sykes (singer)

Mrs Bedwin (singer) Audition song ‘Where is love’

Mr Brownlow

Dr Grimwig

Charlotte (daughter of Sowerby)

Noah Claypole (undertaker assistant)

Pauper Assistants

Chairman of the Three Cripples Inn

Rose seller (singer) Audition song ‘Who Will Buy’

Milkmaid (singer)   Audition song ‘Who Will Buy’

Strawberry seller (singer)   Audition song ‘Who Will Buy’

Knife grinder (singer)   Audition song ‘Who Will Buy’

Long song seller (singer)   Audition song ‘Who Will Buy’

First woman

second woman

Old Sally

Old lady

Bow street runners

Workhouse children

Fagin’s gang

Drinkers in the Three Cripples/adult chorus

12 Responses to “Oliver auditions – October 2015”

  1. Katie Roscaleer says:

    Hi I would love to audince please I am24
    And my name is Katie

  2. Eleanor says:

    Hi can’t wait to audition was just wondering what parts there will be for older children (aged 15) other than the chorus

  3. Laura says:


    I am planning to come along an audition for Nancy, I wondered if there is anything we need to have prepared or if we can get audition pieces at an earlier date?


  4. A julie connolly says:

    How do I book tickets please for Oliver


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