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A Mouse’s Tale

A musical fantasy telling the story of a country mouse called Timothy.

A Mouse’s Tale

Kingsley Players present:  “A Mouse’s Tale”   a musical play by William Arnold Ashbrook.  Directed by Lynn Pegler
At Kingsley Community Centre, Wed 25 – Sat 28 January, 2017
This heart warming, musical fantasy tells the story of a country mouse called Timothy.
He has an amazing I.Q. and spends all his days reading and learning. This makes him very unpopular with the other mice – apart from his frustrated big sister Claribella. 
Forced to leave his country community, he heads for the city and finds he has more in common with the smart city mice. He invents an ingenious Early Warning Device to save his new friends from the evil cat Claudia.
Money-grabbing entrepreneurs Charles and Amandapie spot the potential of this brilliant invention, set up the ‘Catastrophic Corporation’ and go into mass production. Their ruthless exploitation of the town mice workers is eventually exposed, thanks to undercover reporter Rebecca the Rat.
But where does Timothy’s heart lie?



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