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The Musical based on the short story of ‘Little Orphan Annie’ left on the doorstep of a New York orphanage in 1922. The only clue to her birth was a note from her unknown parents and half of locket which Annie would wear constantly.


Introduction / Audition Pack

The production team would like to welcome everyone, to this, the introduction to the February 2025 production of Annie – The Musical. This is an exciting collaboration between both the adult and the youth sections of Kingsley Players and will be performed at Kingsley Community Centre nightly between Wednesday 5th and Saturday 8th February with an extra matinee performance on the Saturday. It tells the story based on the short story of ‘Little Orphan Annie’ who was left on the doorstep of a New York orphanage in 1922. The only clue to her birth was a note from her unknown parents and half of locket which Annie would wear constantly. The musical starts in 1933 when America was in the depths of the great depression. Millions were unemployed, many lost their homes and the country was under the management of President Herbert Hoover. Those forced to live on the streets lived in ramshackle communities nicknamed ‘Hooverville’ which is the title of one of the numbers from Annie. Whilst few were able to keep hold of their wealth, Industrialist Oliver Warbucks was a successful multi-millionaire. To many of his critics he appeared cold and unfeeling, so to try and soften his image, his publicity team suggested he take in an orphan for a couple of weeks over Christmas. His secretary Grace chose Annie. Warbucks did not know what he had let himself in for!

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Please complete this form by Friday 16th August (kids) and Friday 6th Sept (Adults). If you have any concerns or questions while completing the form, please email at If you prefer you can download the form and email to us at the same address. Download Application Form

Annie Application Form
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Can you attend the audition?
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Important dates

Auditions are open to adults and juniors the lower age being 7

From 2pm on Sunday 18th August 2024 there will be an introduction/audition afternoon for girls who wish to be considered for the part of Annie or the orphans.

There are six named orphans with lines but as long as you can sing, act and dance the number of orphans can be larger with a maximum of twelve due to limitations of the performing area. On that afternoon we will sing through some of the songs for the characters and Jen Deakin our choreographer will teach a simple dance which will form part of the audition process.

The role of Annie (appearance of an 11-year-old) will be auditioned in front of a panel consisting of members of the production team and an independent observer. She will be asked to sing parts of ‘Maybe’ and ‘Tomorrow’. The orphans will be asked to sing part of ‘Hard Knock Life’ in groups of three or four and will be given lines to read. An application to audition plus all audition material can be found in links attached to the Kingsley Players website under ‘Annie’.

From 7pm on Monday 19th August 2024 there will be an introduction evening for the older youths and adults who wish to be considered for the following roles:

Warbucks – American Billionaire. An adult 30+ good singing, some dancing
Miss Hannigan – Lousy head of the orphanage. 20+ sings ‘Little Girls’ & ‘Easy Street’
Grace – Warbucks secretary 20+ singing & dancing various
Rooster – Hannigan’s brother 20+ Sings ‘Easy Street’ with dance.
Lily – Roosters girlfriend 17+ Small part sings/dances in ‘Easy Street’
Bert Healy – Radio Show presenter, 17+ Sings ‘Never Fully Dressed’. Also in ensemble
Roosevelt – U.S. President 40+, sings ‘Tomorrow’. Also in ensemble
Roosevelt’s Cabinet (5 in total) 20+ sings ‘Tomorrow’. Also in ensemble.
The above parts will be chosen via audition panel.

In addition, the following parts taken from ensemble who will in some instances take on several roles:

Servants / Hooverville community / Boylan SistersSingers with Bert Healy 15+, sings ‘Never Fully Dressed’.
Some of the above ensemble are also named characters with lines which will be allocated during rehearsals.

On Sunday 8th September 2024 at 2pm, we will be holding auditions for those characters . For parts not cast we will be holding ad hoc auditions as and when.

If you have any questions or require any further information please get in touch via email at:
Valerie Ball (Dir) Neil Silcock (Asst Dir) Jen Deakin (Choreographer) Lesley Silcock (Producer)


Rehearsals will be Sunday afternoons for the younger members and various evenings in the week depending on cast availability but in the main Mondays or Wednesdays with Sundays after the new year.

Audition Material

Audition Words

Annie Audition Words

Bert Healey Audition Words

Grace Audition Words

Miss Hannigan Audition Words

Orphan Audition Words

Roosevelt & Cabinet Audition Words

Rooster & Lily Audition Words

Warbucks Audition Words

Audition Music

To download a single track, Right click the track listing, then select Save Link As.

OR for complete download of all audition material:

Download All Audition Material





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