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Funny Money

Hilarious innuendo and cruelly funny turns of fate ensue as two couples assume various identities in their battle to keep hold of an acidentally aquired suitcase full of cash belonging to a certain “Mr Nasty”.

Funny Money

Middle aged, and mild mannered accountant Henry Perkins accidentally switches briefcases with “Mr Nasty” while on his way home to celebrate his birthday with his wife Jeana and old friends Vic and Betty Johnson. Henry decides to keep it, on account of it being full of cash and whisk his wife away to Barcelona before the original owner finds out.

Meanwhile, “Mr Big”, on finding out “Mr Nasty has mislaid his money, kills said “Mr Nasty”, and throws him in the thames to be discovered later by detective Slater, who, mistakenly identifying him as Henry, turns up at the house to give henry’s wife the bad news.

Henry, still defiantly and steadfastly convinced he can get away with the money has a few hours to convince his wife to come with him while also convincing two policemen, two old friends and a taxi driver that his moonlight flit is all perfectly normal and totally unaware that he is being stalked by “Mr Big”.


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