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Some of My Best Friends are Women

A bright and breezy comedy which takes a humorous look at the women members of a book reading club….a few bottles of wine…..and a couple of men

Some of My Best Friends are Women

In October 2016, we are going to stage ‘Some of My Best Friends are Women’, by Carole Tricker.

The play is a comedy that takes a humorous look at the way woman operate in a group. The five women featured are the remnants of a crumbling book-reading group. Lynn is determined to keep the group together but it appears to be a lost cause. Bossy Dorothy is convinced that if the group would only stick to the rules and actually read the books then all would be well. Amanda likes nothing better that to wind the others up. Her extra alcohol loosens tongues and much is said during the course of the evening that would be better unsaid. Dorothy storms off, gets lost and has to be rescued by Steve – a young, handsome, book reading fire-fighter. He brings Dorothy back and sets pulses racing in Jill and Helen – the two youngest members of the group. As the evening stumbles from one crisis to another these two form an unexpected alliance. By the end of the evening everybody has learnt something about the others and it looks as if the group will carry on after all, with a new member, Chris, who only came to give Dorothy a lift. The play is essentially about friendship.

Performances are Weds and Thurs £7 adults with £5 concessions; Fri and Sat £8 all tickets. Start time is 7.30pm.

The box office will open in early September.


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