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The Ice Queen & The Enchanted Mirror

Another fabulous pantomime by our own William Arnold Ashbrook

The Ice Queen & The Enchanted Mirror

22 – 25 January 2014

Kingsley Players presented “The Ice Queen” – a pantomime by William Arnold Ashbrook. Directed by Mary Lightfoot.

The Ice Queen has a heart of Ice and rules her land with a rod of steel. On seeing herself in a mirror, that has been borrowed from a witch, she thinks herself a beauty, but alas the mirror shatters into a million pieces which spread far and wide. A piece lands in the eye of Tom and, as the sages foretell, anyone who gets a piece in their eye will set out to kill her Majesty.

To make sure this does not happen the Queen and her ministers capture Tom and lock him away. Meanwhile, Mary who is in love with Tom, plans a rescue. With a flock of birds and the help of the witch and her cat, she comes up with a solution that not only rescues Tom but transforms the Queen into a pleasant, warm hearted lady.


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