General News

12Jun 17

Auditions for October 2017 Play

Auditions for our October play are on Sunday 18th June, at Kingsley Community Centre, at 6.00pm for juniors and 7.00pm for adults.

If anyone is interested but unable to attend, please contact the director, Malcolm Barker.

Goodnight Mr Tom Act 1

Goodnight Mr Tom Act 2

Audition pieces will be: 

Pages Characters
17-25 Tom, William, Charlie, Sammy (dog)
26-29 Tom, William, Dr Little, Mrs Fletcher, MR & Mrs Hartridge
30-33 William, Miss Thorne, George, Ginnie, Carrie, Mrs Fletcher
34-37 William, Zach, Mr Miller, Miss Miller, Charlie
47-52 William, Zach, George, Ginnie, Carrie
55-56 Tom, William, Zach, Villagers
64-69 William, Mrs Beech
73-79 Tom, ticket collector, Londoners, Warden, Glad, Policeman